#AskaRecruiter | Nicolae David

You are invited to meet our colleagues from Lugera – The People Republic, to discover their stories and to learn from their experiences. Any questions or curiosities? Leave us a comment below and we will gladly answer it!

We have to admit that we first started our series of #AskaRecruiter with a slight fear. We were afraid that our questions would be way too personal from a certain point and the reactions wouldn’t be as we expected, but we had a real surprise.

I took my laptop, my lucky notebook and headed for Űber-Happy Recruiters department, but Nicolae (or as we usually call him, Nic) wasn’t there….ok, maybe a meeting occurred in his schedule. We were totally wrong! Nic was already waiting for us with his morning coffee, his energy boost to start the day.

We had a really nice and cosy meeting…we discovered a guy who smiles a lot and works even more. His energy fits perfectly within Lugera team.

1/ How long have you been with Lugera?

I joined Lugera team last year, in August…soon I will celebrate my first year here. I made my decision to come here, first of all, due to the niche: IT recruitment. My technical recruitment experience along with being a real geek, made me realise pretty fast that this is what I want to do 100% of my time. I must admit that a great impact on my decision also had the warm welcome from my team whom I had the chance to meet since from the first meetings.

2/ What’s the most WOW thing that we don’t know about you ?

Well…as I said before, I am a genuine geek, even if it’s hard to believe for a marketing graduate. I’ve been into IT, technology and gadgets since I was a kid and for 2 years I’ve discovered a new passion: I build racing drones….and crash them a lot. My biggest accomplishment is that I built drones that can fly at a speed of 130 km/h while reducing its weight.

Cover drone

3/ What’s your way to relax at the end of the day?

Most of the times, at the end of the day I’m in the same situation: lying comfortably on a sofa reading tech articles or watching TV Series (Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones – it seems I am much alike Tyrion Lannister). When I’m not doing these things, I may be on the tennis court or in the park, crashing drones.

4/ What’s the funniest thing that happened to you lately?

I think that the funniest thing that I saw lately was about a cat (no cat video though!). I went shopping at the market near my place and as I was waiting at a huge queue, I saw a lady with a pretty (apparently!) little cat. Nothing special until now….only that, from nowhere, the cat got scared and jumped on a guy. This guy also got scared because he wasn’t understanding what was happening and he started to scream and to convince the cat to leave him alone (as if the cat understood him!). Eventually, the cat jumped off, but on another person from the queue.

5/ What’s your last post on Facebook?

I think that my last post/photo was one from my holiday in Cipru which I took a couple of weeks ago. By the way, if you choose Cipru as a holiday destination, you shouldn’t miss the beach from Ayia Napa.


6/ What do you like most about your job?

I like it because I can easily mix up both my passion for technology and for recruitment. I’m one of those lucky guys who leaves his house with a smile upon his face thinking about a team and a job that constantly challenges him. If I were to switch job with one of my colleagues I would choose Sales or Marketing Department for their dynamism, daily challenges and a dose of craziness.


7/ Who and what inspires you?

Elon Musk, for sure: an entrepreneur who sets himself bold objectives which others think that are not realistic. Until now, he managed to accomplish almost everything he wanted and he changed the world. Electric Cars, Autonomous driving, Gigafactory, SpaceX, Solar Panels, Need I say more? Each one of these have the potential to change all the concepts that we know so far.

8/ How lucky are you and why?

I think I am the only responsible for my luck. I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky guy, but, at some point I must admit that I made some decisions with an unexpected result (a good one).

9/ Tell us about your day using a movie title.

Home Alone. Today I’m working remotely (Lugera benefits).

10/ If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into your office, what would it be?


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