#AskaSalesGuru | Andreea Ciohodaru


You are invited to meet our colleagues from Lugera – The People Republic, to discover their stories and to learn from their experiences. Any questions or curiosities? Leave us a comment below and we will gladly answer it!

Empathy, colourful dreams, humour, courage and determination. Don’t you know who we’re talking about? She’s our colleague, Andreea or Cioho, the one responsible for the balance and order on the Sales Highway.

11/ How long have you been with Lugera?

I received my Lugera passaport one and a half year ago, but I feel like I’ve been here for years. My career change was a bit drastic: from the banking field to human resources….I didn’t know exactly what to expect from my new job, but I accepted the challenge. And I did well 😊

Even though I remained somehow in the same area – I’m talking about sales – I feel that the opportunities and the challenges I face everyday help me grow both professionally and personally.

2/ What’s the most WOW thing that we don’t know about you?

I can tell you a few things about me. Let’s choose lucky number 3….

1/ When I need to relax and to get some energy, I always choose my weekend rides, no matter the place or the season. Even if I am not that active on Social Media, I have lots of evidence 😊. I like to escape from my reality on a more wild beach (as Corbu or Vadu) or in a mountain corner where I can steal my energy for the next week.

2/ I really love animals, especially small and fluffy ones, such as…hamsters. Domi is my third hamster. Although it seems like you can’t play with him, that’s totally wrong!! In fact, he’s really funny! It’s almost impossible not to smile around him, no matter how hard your day was. There is also a big advantage: you don’t have to take him out everyday…he’s happy on his tiny wheel 😊.

3/ Now I’m trying to get my driving licence, but not for B category (I already have that one), but for….my bicycle?! I know…everybody knows how to ride a bike. I decided only at the age of 25 that I want to learn this. P.S. Please, be very careful if you want to go out for a walk in Tineretului Park….somewhere near the lake! 😊


3/ What’s your way to relax at the end of the day?

There are a few ways to relax: walking in the park, marathon movies, hanging out with some friends on a terrace or playing board games. This summer I am planning to check as many summer gardens and terraces as possible….and I started this journey with Monteoru Terrace. If you’re looking for a colorful place, away from all the noise, I highly recommend it…I’m also waiting for your suggestions for my list. 😊

If not in the park, trying to learn to ride the bike or in a garden relaxing in a hammock, you sure to find me on my coach, watching for the third time (!) Prison Break.

4/ What’s the funniest thing that happened to you lately?

The story I am thinking about is in the category of the most unpleasant situations on the moment…and funny after. Casting…me and my fiancé. After repairing some of our car problems, a forced towing on the highway was recommended. Said and done! Sun, music, everything perfect, until…no more music, no more air, no more power steering, pulling the car over – GREAT! We had to wait 3 hours in the sun, no water, but at least we had the chance to take a ride on the platform.

5/ What’s your last post on Facebook?

As I said before, I am not very active on Facebook. I prefer to take the information I need and to appreciate things quietly. For me, it has become more of a source to keep track of labour market trends. It may seem strange, but my last share was about our Lugera Republic.


6/ What do you like most about your job?

It’s all about people. I am taking my energy from all the people around me, when I see that I can be a true help for my colleagues. I think the Sales Support role defines me perfectly. I like that thank you for your help that I receive daily. Although I can often be very stressed out (and stressful), I manage to do beautiful things. I’m lucky to be working in a team that constantly helps me to grow and motivates me….and all this makes me dream and follow my professional ideals.

7/ Who and what inspires you?

The most important lessons I learned from my parents…they are the ones who inspired me to believe in my dreams, to fight for everything I want and never waste my talents. I think I take my inspiration from everybody I interact with. Whoever can be an inspiration…you just need to see the beautiful side in each and every person and thing.

8/ How lucky are you and why?

It depends on how you define luck. I don’t see myself a lucky person, but if I take a pen and a piece of paper, I may realize that I need to be very thankful for everything I have. Luck comes as a bonus to your work. There is a saying: you make your own luck and it seems to apply.

9/ Tell us about your day using a movie title..

It’s about surviving in any situation…I would say The Hunger Games.

10/ If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into your office, what would it be?

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