Payroll and Personnel administration

Let the figures talk here – we calculate over 24.000 salaries for more than 200 organizations. We guarantee a hassle-free process, confidentiality of all data and super quality. We are constantly by our clients’ side with trustworthy advice on labor legislation matters.

Imagine the scenario in which you do not have to run any software updates whenever legislative changes occur, you do not have to check and calculate sick or rest leave, you do not have to draw up additional documents, decisions, contracts, reports, or certificates. What if an outside specialist took care of all of these? Call us! 😊

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    What does outsourcing payroll and personnel management activities mean?


    The payroll process includes two components: the employer-employee relationship and the employer-authorities relationship. Once you have made the decision to outsource payroll administration, both will be, according to the law, “the responsibility of a labor law expert”. The only things that will be communicated monthly to Lugera specialists are the timesheets, the new hires and personnel exits or any other changes occurred in the status of employees.


    Activities that we carry out on a monthly basis:

    • Calculation of hours of any type (standard, additional, night, weekend);
    • Calculation of the amounts related to the annual leave;
    • Highlighting unauthorized absences, unpaid leave, and leave of absence;
    • Recording salary changes (gross monthly basic salaries, bonuses, basic personal deductions and additional deductions, advance payments, etc.);
    • Carrying out the calculation of the indemnity for sick leaves;
    • Processing the amounts from benefits in kind granted to employees (rents, use of company cars for personal purposes, medical subscriptions, etc.);
    • Making payments (by bank – multicash or online);
    • Drafting the tax list;
    • Transmission of the files for the payment of the meal tickets.

    Documents you will receive monthly from us:

    • Paychecks
    • Personalized payslips (in mutually agreed format: Nominal, in an envelope)
    • Statement 112
    • Accounting notes (for automatic import into the financial-accounting application)
    • Payroll Bank File (if applicable)
    • Application and summary for the recovery of amounts from FNUASS
    • Various reports (depending on company requirements)

    You will also receive from us all the necessary documents for the closure of the tax year and any additional reports regarding the tax, the tax calculation basis, personal deductions, etc., depending on your requests.

    All documents are drawn up in such a way as to comply with the standard forms agreed by the Romanian authorities.

    Personnel administration

    The process of personal administration is time and resource-consuming, especially when the number of employees is considerable. By outsourcing these processes, you benefit from the constant support of a qualified and authorized specialist who will collect and issue all the necessary documents for the personnel file, will register these documents with the ITM, will represent you before the authorities, and will be available to your employees for the issuance of any documents or certificates.

    The assigned Payroll Consultant is responsible for the following:

    • Preparation and registration of the individual employment contracts in the Electronic Register of Employees (REVISAL);
    • Drawing up the addenda amending the individual employment contracts and registering these changes in the Electronic Register of Employees (REVISAL);
    • Drawing up the decisions to terminate/suspend the activity of an employee and registering the amendments in the Electronic Register of Employees (REVISAL);
    • Drafting the seniority certificates;
    • Drawing up employee certificates, salary certificates, certificates for the bank, certificates regarding the contribution period, and any other certificates requested by the employees;
    • Registration with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate of all documents required by the legislation in force (e.g. task notification);


    The reports are based on payroll-related financial information, but we can provide you an unlimited number of reports highlighting other aspects related to human resources.


    We are constantly monitoring the legislative framework and we are aware of the latest legislative changes. We inform you as soon as the newly adopted normative acts or changes to the current legislative provisions are published in the Official Gazette and we make a first estimate of how these changes may affect you. We are also available for advice on how to apply the legal provisions that are in force.

    • Full transparency on the entire payroll process
    • Optimize payroll costs
    • Outsource bureaucratic and administrative responsibilities

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