Lugera – The People Republic

Lugera (LUbos, GErard, RAsto) Having pure Dutch roots, with Slovak prefixes and suffixes, Lugera was soon adopted as a key word by almost 1.000.000 speakers. Closely fighting with google for supremacy, the word is widely used in derivates. Check out the latest entries:

  • Lugerac: The happiest citizen of the friendly Lugera – The People Republic (P.S. Sounds interesting?! Check out visa options below);
  • Lugerian: language spoken by the citizens of Lugera – The People Republic, abounding in positive words;
  • Luggy: gorgeous lion wearing fuchsia flower, standing out for the power of fun and creativity.
Population: More female than male.
Official Language: LUGERIAN
Communities: Romanian, Hungarian, English, Czech, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Chinese and Japanese speakers.


The first manifestation of positive attitude was found in 1996, at Trencin, Slovakia, where a brave Dutch, Gerard, and two Slovak warriors, Lubos and Rasto, made the first step into setting new standards in business.

The nonconformist mixture of fun and business rapidly seized 8 countries:  Czech Republic, Morocco, Netherlands, Romania,  Slovakia, Ukraine … all of them being conquered by the irresistible new approach.

Romania was one of the first states to say YES to the challenge, in 2001 and shortly made it to the top of the HR service suppliers.


Climate is warm all year round! Ideal for Business with a smile!
Relief is full of natural reservations, extremely well preserved:

  • Mountains of Enthusiasm
  • Rivers of Passion
  • Valleys of Wisdom
  • Lakes of Commitment


Administrative divisions

Lugera the People Republic is divided into States
Czech Republic – Morocco – Netherlands – Romania – Slovakia – Ukraine

Each State is represented by a High Councillor, coordinating Internal and External Affairs. Get in touch with your local Consulates in the Romanian State: Arad, Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj, Craiova, Oradea, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Timisoara.

Foreign Relations

We value long term partnerships and we make everything possible by creating a pleasant business environment. Follow us through Central and Eastern Europe and Africa!
Furthermore, we aim at straightening relations with the Middle East Countries and the USA through wonderful projects and at expanding our representation worldwide.
We’re building a world of great possibilities where business finds no boundaries, but wonderful resources!


Infrastructure suitable for various types of services and for all career purposes. Walk with us in our Service Cities, on every avenue, on every street… in all our wonderful districts.

We are ranked in the first 3 Top HR Agencies in Romania, with more than 68.000.000 euro turnover, more than 7.000 temporary employees, around 20.000 payroll slips, calculated in 2018 and outstanding results in outplacement, recruitment and mass recruitment projects.


Education: Individual coaching, training-on-the-job conducted by internal or external trainers.
Science and technology: Permanent Recruitment, Executive Search, Headhunting, Mass Recruitment, Recruitment Outsourcing, Temporary Staffing, Payroll Processing, Salary Benchmarking, Assessment, HR Outsourcing, Downsizing & Outplacement.
Outstanding Software solutions: TalentBase, New Talent Base, Personnel Leasing, Charisma HCM, Self-service Platform, STAA – Sales & Talent Acquisition Application, HR & Finance, Cloud Storage.
Arts & Traditions: Flexible, accommodating, hardworking, pleasant, communicative, professional, practical, precise, ambitious, highly creative, target oriented, loyal, non-traditional, supportive and pro-active… Furthermore: top calibre, smart, funny, modest and with good overview.
Cuisine: Fresh blend of exquisite services, seasoned with tailor-cut solutions for all types of HR or outsourcing related business matters. Wide selection of resources available brewed in top calibre performance.
Traditional costumes: Casual with smart accents of positive attitude and big smiles.

Visa Policy

Multiple entrances, granted for long… longer… life-time term. Citizenship applications welcome!

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