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Information Technology

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Support engineer

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For our client, a big American software company, the largest software producer in the world, we are looking for a Support engineer.


Being responsible for the customer support experience;
Troubleshooting and solving customer technical issues, using collaboration, troubleshooting best practices and transparency within and across teams;
Identifying cases that require escalation (either technically or strategically);
Creating and maintaining incident management requests to product group/engineering group;
Contributing to case deflection initiatives, automation and other digital self-help assets to improve customer/ engineer experience;
Providing ramp activities, knowledge sharing, technical coaching and mentoring;
Driving technical collaboration & engagement outside of CSS (Product Engineering teams/Services/Support/Regions);
Leading or participating in building communities with peer delivery roles.


Excellent customer service and support skills required, with 2-3 years of related experience;
Strong communication, customer empathy, problem solving, and technical writing skills;
Fundamental awareness of Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud. Any Azure certification is a plus;
Solid understanding of standard computer science concepts, as well as knowledge of personal computer architecture and Operating systems, e.g., Windows and Linux;
Programming and debugging skills required, with additional knowledge of JSON, XML and CSV preferred;
Knowledge and understanding of TCP/IP protocols and OSI model, with experience in troubleshooting network environments and familiarity with packet sniffers, e.g., Wireshark or Network Monitor, is preferred
Knowledge of Big Data concepts such as structured data vs unstructured data vs semi structured data
Experience in Extract Transform Load (ETL) / Extract Load Transform (ELT) pipelines;
University degree in a technical field preferred, e.g., Computer Science, or an equivalent combination of education and experience required
English Language proficiency in reading, writing and speaking.

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