My Lugera – a new beginning

…Lugera & Makler, can I help you?

I fondly remember my “beginning” at Lugera…

It was a sunny and warm December, as if the sun had never been so motivated to accomplish its mission. In full winter, my final interview’s adventure would be “the moment I’ve so eagerly expected”. I was in the same position with the candidates I have received over time, with care and fondness, in the final stages of the recruiting process. I have always understood their fear, but I had forgotten how it is to be in their place. And, in the fever of the last meeting, I stepped with so much confidence and desire for new in “Vulturilor Street”, that I actually felt a new beginning waiting for me: one that would enhance my imagination, ambition and that would challenge me in ways I would have never guessed.

Obviously, I was emotional, but only until I exchanged the first words with my colleagues (I was already picturing myself as their co-worker). I was not expecting them to be so open, friendly, welcoming and happy, but their welcome was exactly like this! I have seen how, no matter how busy, they were smiling; how they were speaking on the phone or greeting people; I have seen people eager to talk to a newcomer and I liked it so much, I have completely forgotten about my emotions. I was stepping so lightly into my world…

Natural me: I like to wait, because expectation relaxes me; I have the need to listen, because people open up more easily when listened to; I have the desire to understand, because it gives me the moment to ask. At Lugera, answers come before curiosity, listening makes you more receptive while waiting helps you analyse things more in-depth.

“The Citizens” are always with you… in those moments, I agreed with the great Balcescu. Because, in the Republic, “people sticking together take care of their own fate, without having any masters, having justice as rule and unity as target.”

And thus, Lugera – The People Republic became my sorority 😊. I am happy now that I am a Lugerac.

Written with love by Simona Oprea – Team Leader 🙂

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