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Bucuresti Sectorul 1

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Communication Officer

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For our client, an important humanitarian organization, we are looking for a Communication Officer.


Contributing to defining communication and prevention objectives, strategies, and plans of action for the program covered;
Implementing relevant activities and developing tools for operational communication, community engagement, promoting international humanitarian law, building National communication capacity, and public and digital communication;
Offering support to the superiors in networking with relevant stakeholders and representing the company;
Following the political, security, military, and humanitarian developments, as well as other issues relevant to the company's reputation and capacity to operate in the geographic area covered;
Interpreting and translating from and into the local language to support communication programs;
Providing technical and administrative support to the communication team (e.g. filing, stock management, event organization);
Offering support with communication-related training and coaching for the field-structure staff or other departments;
Interacting with conflict/violence-affected population groups, local authorities, political parties, village elders, representatives of displaced communities, religious leaders, media, NGOs, advocacy groups, and academic circles.


3 years’ work experience in a field relevant to communication or prevention;
University degree in communications, political science, international relations or journalism;
Fluency in English;
Proficiency in MS Office;
Knowledge of international humanitarian law and political, social and media environment in the country.

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