Permanent Staffing District

Executive Search

If you want the best professional in your management team, we are more than happy to introduce them to you. It is more than head hunting and professional networking, it is a tailor made selection process consisting of competency based interviews, assessment centers, personality profile administrating and consistent reference checking process. We are not only matching the candidate with the job, but we validate previous results and future potential in order for you to have a long term partner in your team.


Not only we have strong background in recruitment and selection, but our consultants are specialized on various industries, in order for us both to understand your business and prepare an accurate selection process for the openings within your company. We have expertise, one million CVs in our data base and, most important, passion for excellence in recruitment.

With hundreds or thousands of workers previously hired per organization, Lugera guarantees you both the capacity to attract the number and quality of employees you need, and the establishment of a powerful image for your organization as a top-quality employer. Such an excellent image on the labour market will enable you in the future to attract people faster and at a lower cost.

Mass recruitment

Focusing both on numbers and on quality in a short period of time might be exactly what your business needs in terms of new personnel. We have the expertise and  resources to recruit hundreds of people in a few days, so leave it all to us.