Payroll District

You need a secure payroll service for keeping your business activity simple, accurate, easy to manage? Lugera is proudly doing monthly payroll calculation and HR administration for over 20.000 employees, using Charisma payroll software. That means reducing personnel administration costs, with maximum confidentiality, providing quality and in due-time payroll calculation for you as well as very detailed reports, whenever needed.

For Payroll aspects, we will accurately process or record for you:
• attendance-sheets, sick leave, vacation and other absenteeism of employees and reflect these in the payroll calculation,
• any changes of basic pays, bonuses, attendance entries, sickness absence, entry of deductions, advance payments,
• monthly salary related contributions and salary tax monthly returns,
• accounting registers, pay slips, periodical statistic reports preparation,
• drafting the payment orders for monthly charges and taxes payments,
• preparing and submitting the yearly tax forms for employees, in compliance with the local legislation.

As for the Personnel Administration process, we will provide you with:
• assistance in preparing offers for new hiring (salary and other expenses calculation),
• drafting new or update/amend existing individual labour contracts,
• drafting salary documentation for employee’s needs (for loan contracting or official institutions),
• maintaining an up-to-date Electronic Staff Registry, according to the legal framework,
• drafting internal mandatory regulations and procedures in compliance with local legislation,
• advisory services related to payroll &labour legislation, update on the legislation change,
• communication with third parties (auditors, fiscal authorities).

Our job, your gain!Time saving, full liability and cost control! Extra bonus: unlimited consultancy in relation to personnel administration and payroll activities.

You are now free to focus on your activities and to leave the payroll aspects to us!
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