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Training and Delivery Lead
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Company Description:
We hire Training and Delivery Lead for our awesome team. The job will never be boring as, truth be told, nobody ever heard of a boring job in Lugera.
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Job Profession:
Human Resources
Job Description:

Training new comers on internal instruments, working flows and procedures;
Measuring the impact of the training process periodically;
Monitoring that all procedures and working flows are respected throughout all Lugera branches;
Monitoring KPIs and setting improvement plans, whenever the case;
Preparing and presenting various activity reports.

What you should have in order to get the role:
Excellent communication skills, as all new comers should understand what Lugera is about and how to navigate the systems and procedures;
An eye for the details, so you can see clearly if procedures are respected and KPIs are met;
Persuasion skills – so people don’t make the same mistakes twice;
Experience as a team manager/ coordinator, regardless of the domain si a nice to have, but not mandatory.
Type of job:
Citizen interested in it??
Not a citizen yet but interested in it?