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Field Joint Coating Technology Engineer
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For our client, Saipem, a world leader in engineering and drilling activities and in the development of major projects in the energy and infrastructures sectors we are recruiting a Field Joint Coating Technology Engineer.
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Aricestii Rahtivani
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Mechanical Engineering
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Supervising the assigned field joint coating and pipe coating repair works in PTC;
Being responsible for maintenance and proper functioning of the field joint coating equipment required for installation and setup of the field joint coating equipment: Blast cleaning machine, Heat & Coat equipment, Polyurethane bi‐mixer machine, Injection molded polypropylene equipment;
Reviewing the documents pertinent to the operational field joint coating works to be carried out in PTC: field joint coating specifications, field joint coating procedures, inspection and test plans and drawings;
Recording of the process parameters applicable to the used field joint coating equipment during the field joint coating Pre-Qualification Test or during the research and development activities;
Preparing the technical documents: Field joint coating procedures and inspection and test plans, preparing the list of the items required for field joint coating Pre‐Qualification Test, Weekly reports;
Marking and preparing the test samples for performance of the laboratory tests related to field joint coating;
Monitoring the status of calibration of all inspection and testing equipment related to the field joint coating works;
Preparing of the monthly cost of performed inspections and tests spread per individual projects.

University degree in Engineering is mandatory;
Minimum 1 year of experience;
Advanced English level;
Analysis skills, attention to details and capability to plan technical activities;
Knowledge of main electrical variables,of main Field Joint Coating processes and techniques (e.g. HSS, FBE, 3LPP, 3LPE, IMPP, IMPU), mechanical laws and techniques;
Available for departures.
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