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Electronics Analysis Technician
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For our client, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Continental Europe, we are looking for a Electronics Analysis Technician to join the team in Gaesti.
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Assembling/disassembling THD/SMD components from the electronic boards coming from the field;
Performing and reporting failure analysis for the electronic control systems and components of the household appliances;
Having hands-on experience to use soldering stations / soldering irons to assemble/disassemble THD/SMD components from the electronic boards coming from the field, would be an asset;
Recording statistics for the failures by type;
Performing tests to find the root cause and to simulate the field failures.

Minimum 2 years of experience in Electronics;
Electronics hardware knowledge (at least mid-level design and basic-level manufacturing);
Electronic component knowledge;
Having good communication skills;
Mid-level English communication.
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