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Devops Programmer
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For our client, a company which activate in IT field, we are looking for a Devops Programmer with a twist: involved in building automated deployments but also interested in coding, scripting and process re-engineering.
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Information Technology
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Writing a serverless function to store build artifacts;
Writing Lambdas or webhooks that update JIRA on Gerrit events, and vice versa;
Implementing tools that can auto-deploy mobile apps to the app stores, and servers to testing or production Kubernetes clusters;
Refactoring Jenkins build jobs to build more quickly or in stages, and adding auto-scaling to Jenkins cluster;
Writing or scripting tools that pull data from JIRA and Gerrit to monitor team performance and effectiveness;
Working with our DevOps team to add additional metrics to our services and enable distributed tracing;
Designing and writing high quality, high-performance web-based applications;
Participating in development life cycle activities like release planning, coding, testing and production release.

Experience working in a similar or related field;
In depth knowledge of Jenkins & Jenkinsfile and Groovy;
Applicable knowledge of Bash scripting, Docker, Kubernetes;
Must have Sysadmin experience;
Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols and web server optimization techniques;
Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git;
Experience working with Python and Gerrit is a plus.
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Citizen interested in it??
Not a citizen yet but interested in it?