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Business Development Manager
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We are (the) cool(est) HR agency around. Join us for a super fun job with a great team to have around.
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We are searching for a Business Development Manager to join our awesome team in Bucharest. We have a busy schedule being awesome, so please apply to this role only if you meet at least THREE of the requirements:
You love to sell. It’s not just a job with a fix schedule, its your way of life. You remember negotiating in first grade your homework and in university all the dates of your exams, you successfully exchanged rocks and papers with your childhood friends, but also gained some expertise in a corporation selling serious stuff. Should be services, but if you are really good, could be anything.
You should also know English. Proficient, actually.
You should be fun to have around, because we have a great team and you wouldn’t match with our colleagues otherwise. Those are three requirements. Drop us a line if the role suits you and expect our call.
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Citizen interested in it??
Not a citizen yet but interested in it?