HR Consultancy District

Whenever in need for in depth analysis, precise diagnostics and full support for your organization in HR matters, the Lugera consultants are ready to exceed your expectations.

Assessment or Development Centers – Often you need a more complex evaluation system and an external point of view would help you make a decision either in hiring or promoting somebody in your organization, we will provide a tailor made solution for it.

Salary Benchmarking – our Consultants can deploy any salary benchmarking for accurate and updated information on the salary level within your industry, in order to identify your relative position on the benefit market against organizations with similar profiles. This tool will help you settle a competitive package in order to attract the best candidates on the market and keep them motivated.  We are conducting permanently a Salary Survey among our candidates so we can provide valuable inputs from their perspective as well.

Training – you can have the best know-how and best practices in the HR area for your organization. Our Consultants can provide training sessions or  workshops for your HR specialists on subjects like effective management, customer care, soft skills, the best tips&tricks in recruitment and headhunting and many others! Ask for more details at

Downsizing & Outplacement – When you are in the situation of reducing workforces, choosing Downsizing and outplacement services will lower the negative impact of this decision both in your organization and on the former employees.  We build a partnership with the beneficiary of this service, by offering him accurate information regarding labour market, trainings covering presentation skills or CV writing and helping him identify the most suitable opportunities within the market.

For reducing workforces, you need immediate additional skills and expertise, fair treatment toall released employees, while retaining the respect of the remaining colleagues and maintaining a positive image on the market. We know how to handle these challenges for you. Besides all that, we can also help you with information gathering, career transition assistance and counseling, job search and interviewing the departing employees.
Benefit from our Consultants’ support and expertise in Downsizing & Outplacement.