Citizen Rights

Lugera - The People Republic is all about people! About all its people, close together in a REPUBLIC of joy, where YES has a true, deep meaning!
As a Lugera Citizen, you have valued and guaranteed the rights:
-  over your properties: Talent, Enthusiasm, Experience, Efficiency.

- to RESPECT, total equality in terms of appreciation, importance. All citizens - clients, colleagues, peers, suppliers, relations, managers, subordinates, temps, CEOs - are equally important and all deserve our full respect, dedication, love and support.

- To excel every day, to perform at your best capacity. Because Lugera -The People Republic is about all of us wishing to make the world a better place!

- to be permanently informed about our great opportunities and advised in the best manner to  benefit from them. Are you interested? Sign up for our newsletters!

- to express your beliefs Your feedback is essential for us!

- to brilliant business advices: our councillors will amaze you with their significant expertise on which they base their advice and apply it to your specific business model.

- to outstanding resources performance: You can now focus on your core activity, using the best of your resources, people, time and budget. Let the rest to us!

- to a joyful work & business environment: Business can be fun and we know it, here, in Lugera – The People Republic!

- to a vibrant business path: having the Lugera Councillors by your side, you will see your business sparkling.

- to enthusiastic staff to work with: we are always there for you, sharing your enthusiasm for your business. Come with us for a journey in the wonderful world of the possible.

- to an out-of-the box approach: we think and act out of the box bringing a new perspective to everything we do.  And, yes! We invest all our passion and exuberance into a place that brings business many steps ahead future!