#AskaRecruiter | Daniela Iusco

Each month, we invite you to discover the people of Lugera – The People Republic, to discover their stories and to learn from their experiences. Any questions? Leave us a comment and our colleagues will answer! Now, for the first time since starting our #AskaRecruiter series, we give the line to Cluj, where Daniela Iusco tells us about her party-filled start in the Republic and… about her passion about music. 😊

1/ How long have you been part of Lugera – The People Republic?  

My adventure here started 2 years and 9 months ago. Right from the start interaction with the team at Lugera Cluj, the impact was an unusual one. I should have started my activity of March 10, but three days earlier I received a phone call from the then Branch Manager Bogdan (now National Operations Manager), who had an invitation for me: ”Hey, Dana! Tomorrow we’re celebrating the girls in our team, don’t you want to join us?”. To which I answered: ”Well, technically I am not your colleague yet, but it’s very nice of you to invite me!”. It was an unexpectedly beautiful start in Lugera. 🙂 Since then, it’s been a celebration: interesting clients, diverse and very challenging projects.

2/ What’s the most interesting thing about you that we can’t find in your CV?

There are a few things I have not written down, but about which I care. For example, I am from Maramures and I am very proud of it. Or… my nickname in Lugera is The Teacher. And I also like very much to sing, so much that I have been part of a choir for the past ten years.

3/ How do you relax at the end of the day?

There are many thing that help me relax and forget a little about the daily tasks. I like reading, finding and trying new recipes for a healthy menu, searching for natural ways to cure and prevent different illnesses.

Apart from these, whenever time allows me, I like joining and getting involved in volunteering with youngsters or taking trips into the nature.

4/ What is the funniest thing that has happened to you lately?

When interacting with such diverse personalities, both candidates and clients, something funny happens every week. 🙂

I just remembered that one day, a candidate did not show up for the interview and, when I called him to find out the reason and try to reschedule, he seriously told me that his shoes are wet… it was a rainy day indeed… 🙂

5/ What’s your latest photo or post on Facebook?

My last picture is about and of my dear Maramures! 🙂

6/ What do you like the most about your job?

From time to time, I like to reflect on my activity. It gives me energy to think that, beyond old cliches, for a candidate, the job I had proposed brings more satisfaction and development, both professional and personal, that I have found the perfect match between the candidate and the employer.

Equally, I like the diversity of the jobs and domains for which I recruit: engineering, sales, HR, BPO and many more. I love seeing clients developing with each employee brought by us, clients who have opened a new office with our help, the fact that we are their partners i growing their businesses. 

I love that ”comfort zone” is a notion long forgotten.

7/ Who and what inspires you?

I’m inspired by the people I meet or the books I read.

And because this is also about the people of Lugera, I can’t continue the interview without mentioning a few dear ones, contagious through their energy, determination and selflessness. Shout-out to the trio of ex-Lugerac colleagues – Alina Metes, Beatrice Trif and Cecilia Gherle, and to my two bosses, whom I consider my mentors – Bogdan Gabor and Catalina Bogdan.

8/ How lucky are you and why?

I don’t believe in luck. I think that each decision is a piece of my road, and this means a responsibility I try to take daily.

9/ Describe your day using the title of a film.

I don’t usually watch films, I am fast asleep right from the very first minutes. :)) Though I really liked La Vita e Bella, one I highly recommend. As an analogy for today, I try to transform each day of war into something beautiful and funny.

10/ If you could chose a song to play each time you enter the office, which would it be?

A playlist of classical music, to my colleagues’ desperation. :)) For example, Romanian rhapsody by George Enescu.

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