High temperatures? Fuel your body

Just when we though we’re in the home straight towards breezier days, the summer’s last month surprised us and brought, straight from the lands of Africa, a powerful sun, suffocating atmosphere and way too high temperatures. Because the weather doesn’t seem to let itself be tamed in the next few says, we thought about writing down some pieces of advice for hot summer days.


  • Keep an eye on your hydration level and take time to know your body, so that you’ll be able to tell how much liquids you need (the two litres rule doesn’t apply to everyone). And, even though water is the best option during summer days, you can always extend your „drinks menu” with natural juices. Even tea and coffee are accepted, but just as long as you drink them in reasonable quatities and without sweetening them. Our choice? Mango smoothie and lemonade.
  • Choose 2-in-1 food products: iceberg salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and bell pepers, together with watermelon, melon, pineapple, bananas, citric fruits and forest fruits are not only delicious, but are also made up of a lot of water.
  • Big fan of dairy? No need to worry, these products are among the beneficial ones during summer time, be it yogurt, kefir or cheese. A few pieces of cheese in a salad or a sandwich with cottage cheese and cucumbers will provide you with a longer feeling of satiety, while your body will be able to take the much-needed amount of calcium.
  • Take it slow with meat proteins, as these are more difficult to digest, thus increasing the body’s temperature. If you can’t give up on them, try to replace fatty products with white fish cooked in the oven.


  • A tough battle against colder (and colder) products awaits. Feel like eating an ice cream? Want to drop some ice cubes in your juice? Or do you drink the water straight from the freezer? You’d better give up these habits, because they can trigger a shock in your body, keeping it from cooling down.
  • At high temperatures, some products don’t resist in the heat, not even for a few minutes. If you plan on dining in town or to organize a picnic, try to leave home smoked products, mayonnaise-based sauces and creamy cakes.
  • Usually, weekends are for nights out in town and a few cocktails or pints. During hot summer days, put them on hold: alcohol leads to dehydration, your number one enemy during summer.

Tips and tricks!

  • For a fresh twist, add some parsley, basil and lemon juice in your salads.
  • If you want to try a new drink, keep hibiscus high on your list. Besides its tasty flavor, it enhances your tolerance of high temperatures.
  • Lemonade with a twist: chop a one centimeter slice of ginger and add it to your lemonade.
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