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Project Engineer

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For our client, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of insulation products and solutions, we are looking for a Project Engineer.


Defining project tasks and coordination within the project team;
Collecting all necessary data, specifications and documentation necessary for the execution of the project;
Creating a project or proposes and giving an analysis of possible external projects, in the domain of his knowledge and abilities;
Creating a database of projects and making sure that all relevant documents, sketches, schemes are available to all responsible persons of the company;
Making sure that all activities are in accordance with legal standards and regulations, company procedures, quality policy and values, during the development of projects;
Organizing, coordinating, controlling and being responsible for the optimal use of all necessary resources during the implementation of the project;
Creating requests for the procurement of parts and materials related to the project, in cooperation with the Procurement, collecting bids from external suppliers and contractors and performing their analysis in terms of the optimal price/quality ratio with strict adherence to the prescribed procurement procedure;
Controlling works performed by external contractors, coordinating and supervising their work;
Participating in the creation of documents related to the quality system, within Engineering and maintenance;
Following and analyzing instructions for the use and maintenance of machines and devices installed in the factory and based on them, monitoring, keeping records and taking care of their proper use during regular and periodic inspections of work equipment and devices;
Keeping records and taking care of the orderliness of technical documentation, carrying out its periodic review and alignment with standards and being responsible for its proper archiving, storage and distribution;
Participating in the procurement process in terms of giving technical consent, analysis of the price/quality ratio and technical acceptance of delivered spare parts and services provided by external companies;
Participating in commissioning new and repaired machines, devices and equipment, defining working conditions, creating instructions for use and maintenance, as well as taking over new machines, devices and equipment and bringing them to full functionality;
Implementing occupational safety and health, environmental and energy protection (HSEE) measures provided for by local laws, rules, regulations, corporate procedures, instructions, risk assessment, method of performing work activities and other rules.


University degree – mechanical or electromechanical;
Minimum 5 years of working experience;
Advanced level of Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), CAD software;
Knowledge of ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and of safety and health procedures at work, knowledge of environmental protection, legal norms and regulations, possession of licenses;
Good communication skills with ability to communicate well in English;
Organizational skills;
Driving license - B category.

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