Hi. My name is Savuica. No, not that Savuica. Cristina Savuica! The one from Lugera, the super cool HR agency with revenues of over 70 mil EUR per year. So, yes, we are big. We are also smart people friendly and cats and dogs friendly (occasionally we have other animals around, as well). Cherry on top, my colleagues are awesome, we make sure everybody has plenty of learning opportunities and they are involved in super projects.

And we are looking for you.
Truth be told I am looking for you as I need a super cool Executive Assistant to be my partner in awesome projects happening at Lugera. What kind of projects? Well, part of them are business related, so we should team up in offering super customer focused experiences to our clients, preparing complex reports that help us make strategic business decisions, head hunting a little
(OK, OK, a little more) organizing mind blowing internal events. From time to time we move our core business from delivering HR services to delivering kindness, so you should like that pretty much as well, as you might be involved in animal rescue projects No allergies to cats ir dogs, hopefully ), fundraising events or just act like good fairy in various social projects.

The job also has the making coffee and running errands part, but that will not be the focus as we are not an ordinary company.

And if I got to therequirements part, let me tell you that I am looking for a lighthearted and
smart person, with a great sense of humor. One, in order to become THE ONE, should be able to easily arrange a meeting with Barack Obama and find out Bill Gates’ phone number. Should be also well organized, problem solver, people focused and strongly believe that common sense is not out of fashion. If all the above describe you and you always wear a smile, send me a short letter at hr@lugera.ro telling me how a day as my executive assistant would look like.
Oh, in case you don’t know us, age is just a number, so write that application letter regardless of how many people told you that you are either too young to be an Executive Assistant or too old to find a job.

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